Genuine BMW F87 F80 F82 M Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel 32302413014

Genuine BMW M Performance Steering Wheel. For M2, M3, M4. A well-rounded design: The Pro steering wheel lends an unmistakable Motorsport feel to the car's cockpit. Its appeal is twofold: a distinctive and exciting design and a well-defined Alcantara grip area which ensures optimal grip at all temperatures. With Motorsport steering-wheel centre mark in

BMW F2X F3X Alcantera Steering Wheel

BMW F chassis steering wheel, came off my 2013 M135i but will fit later models, in good condition, was on the car for 6 month so no wear of the Alcantera, has red drift band Comes with the M performance surround but no air bag or buttons so these will need to come from